Our Process


First we rinse the wheels with high pressure to loosen any brake dust and road grime. Next, the wheels are cleaned with a non-acidic wheel cleaner and various brushes inside and out to ensure all surfaces are clean.
The tires and wheel wells are sprayed with a mild cleaner and scrubbed with a variety of brushes to remove oily tire dressing and grease.
We finish off the detail by sealing the wheels for future protection and dressing the tires/wheel wells with a non-greasy protectant.


Each detail starts with a proper wash. After thoroughly rinsing the vehicle to loosen dirt and contaminates, it is given a pH-balanced foam bath.The benefit of the foam is to loosen the dirt before even touching the finish (lessening the chance for wash-induced scratches). Once the foam has dwelled long enough it is rinsed and the vehicle is gently washed by hand via a two-bucket method (safe washing).
The car is then rinsed and dried with quality microfiber towels to, once again, lessen the chance for inducing scratches to the finish.

Clay Process

To “clay” a vehicle, means to further clean and decontaminate the finish using a safe piece of clay and lubricant.
The clay is used to remove contaminants embedded in the clearcoat such as: overspray, tree sap, rail dust, tar, shoe scuffs and the like. Clay bar treatment ensures the finish is smooth and clean.


A detail is not complete without a clean and protected cockpit. Carpets are shampooed, brushed and lightly extracted to thoroughly clean the fibers.
Dashes and door panels are cleaned and protected to a factory satin finish. Leather is safely cleaned and conditioned to its original luster and door jams are cleaned and protected.

Paint correction

Conventional “car washing”, typical wear and tear and improper “detailing” can often leave a car’s finish scratched and swirled. To restore the clarity and shine to a car’s finish often requires much more than just a car wash.
Paint correction is the process of removing defects (swirls and fine scratches) from your cars finish. If you are looking to get the most from your cars finish (depth and clarity), then paint correction is a must.

Paint protection

A properly protected vehicle is a necessity to ensure the finish stays clean and fresh. Depending on the vehicle and/or customer’s liking, we protect the finish with either a synthetic sealant or carnauba base wax.
A properly applied sealant/wax will ensure the vehicle is protected from UV rays for up to 3 months.

We also offer semi-permanent paint/wheel/trim/glass coatings, such as CQuartz Finest, to ensure your vehicle’s finish is preserved and protected from all elements and environments.


Top notch detailer. Really takes pride in what he does best. Highly recommended.

I’ve had Kody Keuter come out and work with me on an Aston Martin DB9 detail I had in the Dallas area. Great guy to work with, very knowledgeable in his methods and products. I would recommend him in a heartbeat!

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