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At Home Mobile Car Detailing Near You Reinvented

At New Image Auto Detailing, we offer premium mobile detailing in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. We understand that our clients lead busy lives, having the ability to drop your vehicle off for a proper cleaning might not be feasible. We decided to build a state-of-the-art mobile detailing unit, designated to offer the highest quality detailing service. Relax in the comfort of your home or office, knowing that your pride and joy is in the most capable of hands.
Interior car cleaning, hand car wash, full paint correction, you name it and our mobile auto detailing unit will cater to your needs at a competitive cost.
It's like having a full service home car wash at your disposal with the same high-quality and you would receive at our detail shop. For those interested in ceramic professional coatings or Xpel paint protection film we have built a detail studio specifically those services, ensuring the best outcome possible. Our detail studio is located in Fort Worth, Dallas and we are happy to provide pick-up/drop-off services for these details to further make the process easier for our clients.

Mobile Auto Detailing Packages

Level 1
Hand wash and clay bar treatment
Wheels / tires / fender wells cleaned and dressed
Paint sealant application (4+ months protection)
 Interior vacuumed, paneling/seats cleaned and leather protection applied
 Windows and door jambs thoroughly cleaned
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Available at your home, office or come by our shop!
Level 2
All services included in the Level 1 package
1 stage paint correction to remove most defects and restore gloss
Paint Correction is used to remove swirls and scratches that leave the paint dull and lacklustre. A 1-step polish is designed to remove light scratches and amplify the gloss. Once complete, we apply a durable paint sealant to lock in that shine and keep it easy to maintain!
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Available at your home, office or come by our shop!
Ceramic Coatings
 Maintain a showroom finish for years - not months
Protect against tree sap, oxidation, color fading, gloss loss, brake dust and so much more!
 Up to 3-Year Warranty available
 Professional coatings exclusive to certified technicians
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Mobile Car Detailing Near Me in Dallas & Fort Worth

For us, it doesn't matter if it's a 7-figure sports car or the mommy-mobile with Gold Fish embedded in the carpets. Whether you need a deep car interior cleaning or xpel clear bra installation, every client gets the same level of care that we ourselves would want if we were on the other side of the experience.
New Image Auto Detailing offers a wide range of services near you in the Dallas & Fort Worth area, including but not limited CQuartz ceramic car coating, car shampoo, interior car cleaning, paint protection film
We don't snub our noses in the air when we get asked to wash a wrecked van, which tends to be the standard that we see in this industry. It seems that most detailers are more interested in cleaning a nice car so they can post it on the internet, that's not how we roll. We strive for having you fall back in love with your car again, no matter what it is.
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