4 Reasons Why Paint Protection Film is the Best Defense Against Chips & Scratches for Dallas & Fort Worth Car Owners

Clear bras such as Xpel Ultimate paint protection film is the best defense against rock chips, scratches, scuffs and pretty much any cosmetic damage the roads of Dallas & Fort Worth can induce. 

It makes your car immune to minor abrasions or accident that would otherwise force you to take your car to a body shop for repair, making you lose your time and money.

 In this blog posts, we’ll share with you the main reasons why Dallas & Fort Worth car owners should shield their paint from the road with clear paint protection film.

Paint Protection Film is the Best Defense Against Rock Chips, Scratches, Scuff and Minor Cosmetic Accident.

Driving on the roads of Dallas & Fort Worth put your paint at the mercy of rocks, gravel and the occasional bad drivers, although unavoidable, you can make your vehicle immune to those elements with Xpel clear bra. 

The thin yet resilient film is strong enough to repel rock chips, scuffs and even the unbearable key chains. We all know that rock chips and scratches are unavoidable and just that one reason should be enough on its own, here are 4 more…

PPF is Virtually Invisible

One of the main reason car owners are hesitant to install ppf is their fear that the film will be noticeable and that it will yellow over. 

Now, that was true of older films, such as 3M original Scotchgard film, but the latest Xpel Ultimate paint protection film has top coat that is identical and just as shiny as clear-coat and its new adhesive will never yellow and hasn’t for close to a decade now. 

There’s still the installation process that can have an impact on how noticeable the film will be, make sure to choose an installer that provides smooth and precise installation to make the edges of the film blend with the edges of the panel perfectly. 

At New Image Auto Detail, our technicians are Xpel trained and offer a virtually invisible installation.

Designed to protect U.S. Military Vehicles at First!

The urethane film in clear bra and paint protection film has been developed at first to help protect helicopter blades from airborne debris during the Vietnam War. 

After realizing how resilient clear urethane film is, the military started using it on its vehicles, to protect them against bullets and artillery blast - just kidding - they were meant to protect vehicle from road debris. 

The point of this interesting fact, is to point out how secure and durable paint protection film is. If clear bra accomplished a successful mission with the U.S. military, it will have no problem safeguarding your vehicle against the roads of Dallas & Fort Worth, TX!

10-Year Warranty for Peace of Mind!

Xpel Ultimate comes with the industries best 10-Year Warranty on Labor & Material for extensive coverage against pelling, yellowing and bulbing. 

This warranty gives you peace of mind that Xpel Ultimate will have your back throughout your ownership of your vehicle and that Xpel will never let you or your car down.

Contact us for more information about Xpel paint protection film or a quote. You’ll get the best installation, unwavering customer service and after sale support at a competitive price.

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